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2-Year Paint Ceramic
One-Step Polish

Completion: 2-3 Days

At our workshop ✓

Hardness: 6/10 

Gloss: 8/10 

Self-Cleaning: 7/10 

Hydrophobics: 7/10

Our 2-year ceramic coating is the perfect cost-effective option to protect your vehicle. Targeted towards daily drivers and vehicles that are subject to a lot of use; our 2-year ceramic coating hardens on the paintwork and repels dirt, dust and debris.

Used Car; One-Step Polish

Coupe/Hatch $1040 | Sedan $1180

Wagon/Crossover $1320 | SUV/Ute/Van $1460

Brand New Vehicle Ceramic Coating pricing is made up of two components; the preparation and the ceramic coating. New vehicle preparation is $399 for all sizes; Fireball Aegis 2-Year Coating is priced at $450, $550, $650, $750 for small, medium, large and extra large respectively. We also have packages available for second hand vehicles with varying levels of polishing included - return back to the main ceramic coating page for more information.

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