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9-Year Paint Graphene
One-Step Polish

Completion: 2-3 Days

At our workshop ✓

Hardness: 9/10

Gloss: 9/10

Self-Cleaning: 9/10

Hydrophobics: 10/10

Our 9-year graphene coating is the only coating we offer with added graphene for an even slicker surface and high levels of water repellency. Graphene is the latest additive in ceramic coatings internationally and our 9-year graphene is an excellent performer geared towards high-end and rare vehicles.

Used Car; One-Step Polish

Coupe/Hatch $1890 | Sedan $2030

Wagon/Crossover $2170 | SUV/Ute/Van $2310

Brand New Vehicle Ceramic Coating pricing is made up of two components; the preparation and the ceramic coating. New vehicle preparation is $399 for all sizes; Fireball Butterfly Graphene 9-Year Coating is priced at $1300, $1400, $1500, $1600 for small, medium, large and extra large respectively. We also have packages available for second hand vehicles with varying levels of polishing included - return back to the main ceramic coating page for more information.

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