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Engine Bay Cleaning

Duration: 1-2 Hours

At our workshop ✓

Our Engine Bay Cleaning comes in three levels; standard, deep and white glove. Our standard engine bay clean is perfect for vehicles you're selling or just trying to generally tidy up and includes a top-level clean and dress to present the engine bay to a clean level. Our deep clean covers more labour and allows us to better clean both the top surfaces of the engine as well as get deeper into crevices and harder areas. This is great for vehicles that have been off-road or not cleaned in a while. Our white-glove clean is a show-car level result where we focus on cleaning not only areas you can see but some areas you can't. Our white-glove clean also covers light polishing of the painted areas and a high level of dressing the plastics and rubbers.

Standard Clean: $99

Deep Clean: $199

White Glove: $299

Standard Clean:
A general top level clean of the plastics and painted surfaces. We focus on visible dirt and when desired will add a non-greasy dressing to the plastics. This brings newer vehicles and ones which have well maintained engines to a good, clean condition; perfect for selling or maintaining your pride and joy.

Deep Clean:
We spend more time cleaning and focus on more intricate areas, including tar removal and brushing further into cracks and crevices. We generally go deeper on the engine and will lightly hand polish painted surfaces to remove staining if required.

White Glove:
The full monty of engine cleaning - we take the above package and really hone in on the intricate areas. This is designed with a show car approach in mind and includes other additional steps such as hand polishing metalwork when required and putting a spray wax onto the painted surfaces.

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