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Wheel Refurbishment

Duration: 1-3 Hours ±

At our workshop ✓

If your wheels are curbed, have paint flaking, stone chips or are otherwise simply unsightly we can perform a wheel repair to restore the original finish to your wheels. Looking to stand out against the rest? We can also arrange a full colour change if you're looking to permanently change your silver wheels to black; or even pink!

Wheel Refurbishment From $249

Wheel refurbishment quoted on a job by job basis. Some guidelines below. Use the 'book this service online' button shown below to attach a photo and receive a fast quote.

Wheel refurbishment pricing is based on the level of damage, paint finish and the type of wheels you have. When sending in some photos of your wheels we can provide you an accurate estimate; and we've put some indications of pricing below.

For painted wheels with curbing you can expect $249 or so per wheel for repair. Most wheels we see fall under this price point. Specialised finishes such as shadow chrome or high metallics may incur additional charges. Wheels with bad flaking paint or other issues that require a full strip down will also incur additional charges.

For machined/diamond finish alloys (wheels where the face or partial spokes appear to have a brushed metal finish) you can expect $299+ per wheel for repair. These wheels require specialist machining and need to be sent away. Many modern performance vehicles have machined/diamond finish.

For colour change paintwork you can expect $249 or so for repair. To ensure we get the best results possible we send these jobs off externally and have the repainting done with a high quality automotive paint.

For painted wheel repairs on-site we can generally receive and release same-day. For wheels that require specialised paint or machining this may take 3 working days or more. We use a third-party contractor for this service and ensure strict quality control for our customers.

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