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Motorcycles / Motorbikes

Motorbikes are intricate, and detailing them requires specialist tools and expertise. In our case, we're riders, too, so we understand the care required in handling and detailing your pride and joy. Our motorcycle detailing covers both general cleaning and ceramic/protective services. We're experts in Christchurch and can make your pride and joy look better than the rest!


Washing & Detailing
Machine Polishing
Oxidation Removal
Scratch Removal
Ceramic Coating

Stone Chip Repair
Helmet Cleaning
Seat Cleaning
Plastic Restoration

Motorcycle Detailing
Detailing your motorcycle requires the right tools and products to be thorough (and delicate to the wide range of materials), but also knowledge of bikes to ensure a quality job and safe handling. We're riders and are experienced to take the best care possible.

Why Choose The Detailing Specialists?
We are fastidious in nature and treat your motorcycle like our own.  We understand that leaving your bike in someone else's hands can be daunting - and we always use the correct products, tools and techniques to maintain and protect your asset without causing damage. Our quality and attention to detail speaks for itself. We have the correct facilities with a secure indoor workshop, insurance to suit and plenty of experience.

Our Motorcycle Services
Scroll down to see the services we offer for motorhomes.

Motorcycle Services & Pricing

  • What is a ceramic coating?
    A ceramic coating is a liquid product that hardens to your paint and other vehicle surfaces; creating a bond that can only be removed with abrasion. Ceramic coatings provide great value and are a durable protection option for all types of vehicles. Not only do ceramic coatings protect your vehicle but they keep your vehicle cleaner for longer and make maintenance far easier. The Detailing Specialists are authorised installers of Fireball Korea ceramic coatings.
  • What vehicles & surfaces can you ceramic coat?
    We can ceramic coat all vehicles including cars, motorcycles, campervans, caravans, boats and jetskis - and on any vehicle are able to coat paint (or gelcoat), trims, wheels, glass, engine bays or interior surfaces. We can even coat specialist vehicles that have matte paintwork or existing vinyl wraps (including sign-writing) or paint protection film wraps. Fireball Ceramic Coatings adhere to most vehicle surfaces for ultimate protection and durability.
  • How long does a ceramic coating last?
    We have Fireball Ceramic Coating options that range from 2 years to 10 years. The longevity of your ceramic coating is determined by the coating chosen and the maintenance you perform on your vehicle. Ceramic coatings aren't bulletproof; if you wash with care you'll achieve exceptional performance - however if you go through brush car washes every week the ceramic coating will degrade quickly.
  • What protection does a ceramic coating offer?
    A professional ceramic coating creates a semi-permanent bond to help protect against UV degradation, environmental contaminants, chemical stains and aids in the repelling of dirt, dust and water. Ceramic coatings have self-cleaning effects as the dirt will not stick to your paintwork; and after heavy rain your vehicle may even look cleaner than before! While a ceramic coating won't stop bird droppings from etchings or water spots from forming; they drastically slow down the time before those contaminants eat into your paintwork. It's worth noting that even though coatings harden when cured, they won't stop stone chips or scratches. Ceramic coatings are also extremely high shine and leave a candy-like gloss to your paintwork or other reflective surfaces.
  • How do I maintain my vehicle after coating?
    All you need to do is have safe wash processes in place and avoid harsh methods such as brush car washes. You can use any pH neutral car shampoo; and we recommend using soft microfibre wash mitts and drying towels - alongside high pressure rinsing such as a water blaster or high pressure hose. We do not enforce 'special products' but will guide our customers on the best techniques for maintenance. You should NOT use cut and polish or other abrasives as these could strip the coating; however you are free to use ceramic based waxes or sprays to top-up and add more shine if desired. Let us know if you have any moderate damage after coating such as scratches, panel-beating or stone chips and we will help guide you on how to address these in a way to maintain the integrity of your ceramic coating. UPDATE: We have written a ceramic coating guide - check it out here:
  • How do you apply the ceramic coating?
    A ceramic coating starts off as a liquid that is applied to your vehicle by hand using a combination of suede or foam applicators. After initial wipe on the coating must 'flash' and we buff away the excess after a set period of time; then allowing the coating 24-48 hours to cure. All vehicles must have proper preparation and this will be a combination of decontamination to remove tar, tree sap, iron or other rough surface contaminants; and generally machine polishing on the paintwork or gelcoat to prepare the surface. We use a range of products and chemicals to prepare your vehicle thoroughly; ensuring the best bond and longest lasting results.
  • Do you know what you are doing?
    The Detailing Specialists are authorised by Fireball Korea to install their professional range of ceramic coatings which are not available for purchase by consumers. The New Zealand Fireball distributor completes one-on-one training with every installer to authorise them; with continued training and education as paramount in ensuring coating authorisation stays current. Our customers benefit from knowing all team members working at The Detailing Specialists have the required training and expertise to apply a long-lasting ceramic coating to your vehicle. Sam (Managing Director) has been self-employed in this industry since 2013 and when you combine our other team members together we have over 15 years combined experience in this industry! (Visit our 'about us' page to meet our team)
"Have had my car and a family members car done through these guys. Absolutely phenomenal results. Everything from the quality of the detailing, to the friendly, helpful team and the seamless process of booking. Can't recommend enough."

Blake; November 2023
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