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Final Touch SmartChip® Paint Repair

Duration: 2-3 Hours

Workshop or mobile ✓

Stone Chip Touch-Ups. We match the paintwork for your vehicle and perform paint chip touch-ups to hide stone chips and deep scratches.

We are fully trained Final Touch technicians for the Canterbury region; utilising the SmartChip® system - which is a unique, patented system for stone chip and minor damaged paint repair. It transforms the appearance of your vehicle, at a fraction of the cost of other options. With the SmartChip® system we match your paint on-site and apply to chips using a combination of airbrush and paintbrush methods for a 95% reduction in stone chips.

Front End: $179

Full Car: $299

In 2022 we were trained and authorised by Final Touch New Zealand for their patented SmartChip® system. Final touch have been in the NZ market for over 30 years; and their paint repair system is responsible for keeping kiwis vehicles not only looking great but with reduced chance of chips turning into surface rust and bigger problems. There are a few key differences we offer that other systems don't.

On-Site Colour Matching:
With the SmartChip® system we match the colour on-site using a combination of the vehicle colour code and our eyes. Over time your paintwork will fade and any second hand vehicle will not be the exact same colour it was when leaving the factory - giving us a unique advantage to be able to adapt the colour to the current vehicle condition.

Air Brush Application:
We have the only air brush touch up system being used in New Zealand. How does that work? We use a low pressure air brush to apply paint to nasty chips and gravel rash; then use a proprietary formula to wipe away the excess paint - leaving just the chips filled. This allows us to cover larger areas more efficiently and touch up some areas that would otherwise not look great with a simple pencil touch up.

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