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Glass Polishing

Duration: 2-3 Hours

Workshop or mobile ✓

We use a combination of liquid and mechanical techniques to polish the surface and remove water spots from your glass. Not only can water spots look unsightly on the surface but they can also make it harder to see out - and this service adds both safety and visual improvements to your vehicle.

Full Polish: $399

With Ceramic: $699

Full Polish:
We use a combination of methods to remove water spots and deepen the shine from your exterior glass. We begin with a full glass decontamination to remove overspray, sap, tar and carbon build up - then proceed to machine polish the glass using a special glass polishing compound and process. We finish the surface with a 3 month glass sealant to repel water and provide protection.

With Ceramic:
We can add on a ceramic coating to increase the longevity of the glass polish results. When opting for our ceramic coating you should expect the polishing results to last for 12 months or more; depending on maintenance and environment and it makes your own maintenance far easier.

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