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Leather Clean & Protect

Duration: 1-2 Hours ±

Workshop or mobile ✓

Our Leather Clean & Protect removes dirt and debris from your leather seats to make them look new again, and finishes off with a non-greasy leather protectant designed to darken the finish while helping to stop dirt and dust ingress and UV damage. Our Leather Clean & Protect service uses specialised leather brushes and pH-neutral cleaner to safely deep clean the grain, and you can expect our leather protectant to last for 3-6 months depending on the use of the vehicle.

1-Row: $99

2-Row: $199

3-Row: $299

Spot cleaning available if only specific stains/marks exist

The Clean:
We use a combination of different cleaning chemicals alongside soft leather brushes to gently but thoroughly scrub the pores of your leather and remove embedded grime. The chemicals we use are pH neutral to avoid damage to the leather but strong enough to remove grime.

The Protectant:
We use a non-greasy matte look protectant that contains no silicon to protect the leather. Our leather protectant helps to repel UV and make your future maintenance easier. If you prefer the leather to be left bare let us know and we can accomodate your request.

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