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Overspray Removal

Duration: TBC

At our workshop ✓

We remove overspray from vehicles; whether caused by building or vehicle repainting or any other environmental factors. With our overspray removal we can get your paintwork and glass back to an 'as new' finish. This service is able to be booked privately but we always recommend consulting your insurance company as well. We recommend booking this service in alongside a one-step correction to ensure the paintwork looks correct after overspray removal; as the techniques we use can leave some light marring/scratches behind. Contact us for a more direct recommendation based on your requirements.

Hourly Rate: $99

Normal Job Expectation: 3-8 Hours

Time Frame:
We charge for overspray removal on an hourly basis due to the wide range of variables that make up an overspray removal job. Upon contacting our team you can expect to be given an estimate and then a firm expectation once we begin the job or sight it in person.

Cut & Polish:
Many vehicles will suffer from light scratches due to the process we use to remove the overspray. If you're wanting to ensure the paintwork looks as good as new we recommend a cut & polish process for the best results. Talk to our team for more information or to discuss your specific requirements.

If your vehicle has suffered an overspray problem because of something outside of your general control we would highly recommend contacting your insurance company first. We work with all major insurance companies directly to resolve claims and get your vehicle looking new again.

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