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Seat Shampoo

Duration: 1-2 Hours ±

At our workshop ✓

Interior Fabric Shampooing removes dirt and grime from your fabric surfaces. We use a high-quality shampoo machine to deep clean and extract dirt and stains away; leaving the surface looking as-new. This services is also great for the aid in removal of smells from your interior.

1-Row: $99

2-Row: $199

3-Row: $299

Spot cleaning available if only specific stains/marks exist

We use special fabric cleaning chemicals to scrub and remove stains from your seats. We can remove general stains, food stains, oil stains and mud/dirt. If you've never had your seats professionally cleaned you might be shocked at the level of grime that comes out!

As we use a wet shampoo process we prefer to hold vehicles overnight to allow a dehumidify and dry out of the material prior to handing the vehicle back. This also ensures we have better quality control to check the results after the fabric has dried out. Please keep this in mind when booking your vehicle.

Note: This service is just to shampoo the car seats. We have other options available for interior carpet, mat, roof lining and general cleaning.

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