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Signwriting Removal

Duration: TBC

At our workshop ✓

Our vast experience removing sign writing, stickers and vinyl wrap from both personal and business vehicles makes us the best in business for your signwriting removal needs. With our sign writing removal service we can strip your business sign writing and wraps in preparation for sale or rebranding. We recommend booking this service in alongside a one-step correction to ensure the paintwork looks consistent after removal; contact us for a more direct recommendation based on the age of your vehicle and age of the wrap.

Hourly Rate: $99

Normal Job Expectation: 2-6 Hours

Time Frame:
We charge for signwriting removal on an hourly basis due to the wide range of variables that make up a sign writing removal job. Upon contacting our team you can expect to be given an estimate and then a firm expectation once we begin the job or sight it in person.

Cut & Polish:
Many vehicles will suffer from a ghosting effect where the sign writing blocks degrading of the paintwork underneath; causing outlines to be visible when the stickers have been removed. Talk to our team for more information - but we generally recommend a follow up cut & polish to ensure the best results.

Not all signwriting can be removed and there is inherently some risk of paint damage when signwriting has been on a long time or has been applied to resprayed paint. We use the safest methods possible but cannot always guarantee the results. Contact us for more information.

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