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5-Year Paint Ceramic
+ Two-Step Cut/Polish

Completion: 2-4 Days

At our workshop ✓

Hardness: 8/10

Gloss: 9/10

Self-Cleaning: 10/10

Hydrophobics: 9/10

Our 5-year ceramic coating is the most popular one we install due to it's environmental resistance and level of durability. Great for daily drivers and weekend vehicles alike; our 5-year ceramic coating is hard, glossy and repels exceptionally well. A perfect option for all vehicle types!

Our two-step cut/polish is designed for cars with swirls, scratches and defects. This heavy correction process aims to remove swirl marks and defects while creating an extremely deep "as-new" finish. Perfect for vehicles of all ages that are needing to look new again.

Used Vehicle; Two-Step Cut/Polish (90-95% Improvement)

Hatch/Small Coupe $1989 | Large Coupe/Sedan $2189

Wagon/Crossover $2389 | SUV/Ute/Van $2589 | XL Van/High Top $2939

Note: Exterior only service. This pricing is made up of two components; the one-step polish preparation and the ceramic coating. Our Two-Step Cut/Polish ranges from $989-$1539 and Fireball Silla 5-Year Coating is priced from $1000-$1500; both size dependent. Cross reference your desired coating and vehicle size to see an exact price.

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