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Decontamination Detail

Duration: 5-6 Hours

Workshop or mobile ✓

Our decontamination detail will get your car looking sharp without blowing your budget and is often chosen when looking to sell a vehicle. This package is perfect for vehicles that need a thorough inside and out clean with some extras to make sure your pride and joy look great for a new owner or treat yourself and give your vehicle a birthday. In addition to our maintenance package we detail your engine, perform a light clay bar decontamination and apply a hand ceramic wax to help hide imperfections and increase shine.

Interior & Exterior |

Hatch/Coupe $420 | Sedan $445

Wagon/Crossover $470 | SUV/Ute/Van $495

Exterior Only | 

Hatch/Coupe $270 | Sedan $295

Wagon/Crossover $320 | SUV/Ute/Van $345

- Snow Foam Pre-Wash
- Two Bucket Method Hand Shampoo
- Wheel & Inner Guard Clean
- Tyres & Exterior Plastic Dress
- Door Jambs Cleaned
- 3 Month Sealant; Paint, Wheels, Glass
- Exhaust Polish (If Required)
- Mild Clay Bar Decontamination
- Engine Bay Clean & Dress
- Hand Ceramic Wax Applied

- Full Interior Vacuum
- Boars Brush Interior Detail
- Plastic Clean & Sanitise
- Plastic Dress
- Glass Clean
- Boot Vacuum

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