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One-Step Correction

Duration: 10 Hours ±

At our workshop ✓

Our one-step correction detail adds to our sale detail with a thorough one-step polishing process to start the removal of swirls and oxidation. With this one-step correction detail, you should expect to see a visible reduction in swirl marks, light scratches, oxidation and haze - and a strong increase in paint depth, gloss and reflections. With our single-step correction detail we spend more time decontaminating to ensure tar spots, tree sap, iron and more are removed from the paint surface prior to polishing. This package is perfect to give your pride and joy a thorough birthday and lock-in the paint condition for years to come.

Interior & Exterior |

Hatch/Coupe $840 | Sedan $880

Wagon/Crossover $920 | SUV/Ute/Van $960

Exterior Only | 

Hatch/Coupe $640 | Sedan $680

Wagon/Crossover $720 | SUV/Ute/Van $760

- Snow Foam Pre-Wash
- Two Bucket Method Hand Shampoo
- Wheel & Inner Guard Clean
- Tyres & Exterior Plastic Dress
- Door Jambs Cleaned
- 3 Month Sealant; Wheels, Glass
- Exhaust Polish (If Required)
+ Heavy Clay Bar Decontamination
+ Engine Bay Clean & Dress
+ One-Step Machine Polish
+ Hand Polish Tight Areas
+ Basic Headlight & Taillight Polish
+ 3 Month Ceramic Wax Applied

- Full Interior Vacuum
- Boars Brush Interior Detail
- Plastic Clean & Sanitise
- Plastic Dress
- Glass Clean
- Boot Vacuum

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