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Three-Step Correction

Duration: 17 hours ±

At our workshop ✓

Our three-step correction detail is designed for vehicles with badly damaged paintwork or finicky paintwork; such as super soft dark paint finishes or those that require extra attention. Our team will advise whether you need a three-step correction; as it's not 'the norm' for most vehicles. With this three-step correction detail, you should expect to see a heavy reduction in swirl marks, scratches, oxidation and haze - and a very strong increase in paint depth, gloss and reflections utilizing our high-quality finishing polish. With our three-step correction decontaminate the paintwork thoroughly and perform three stages of cut and polishing from heavy cut to a medium polish to a light refinement.

Interior & Exterior |

Hatch/Coupe $1720 | Sedan $1870

Wagon/Crossover $2020 | SUV/Ute/Van $2170

Exterior Only | 

Hatch/Coupe $1520 | Sedan $1670

Wagon/Crossover $1820 | SUV/Ute/Van $1970

- Snow Foam Pre-Wash
- Two Bucket Method Hand Shampoo
- Wheel & Inner Guard Clean
- Tyres & Exterior Plastic Dress
- Door Jambs Cleaned
- 3 Month Sealant; Wheels, Glass
- Exhaust Polish (If Required)
+ Heavy Clay Bar Decontamination
+ Engine Bay Clean & Dress
+ Three-Step Machine Cut & Polish
+ Hand Polish Tight Areas
+ Basic Headlight & Taillight Polish
+ 3 Month Ceramic Wax Applied

- Full Interior Vacuum
- Boars Brush Interior Detail
- Plastic Clean & Sanitise
- Plastic Dress
- Glass Clean
- Boot Vacuum

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