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Works Interior Detail

Duration: 8 hours ±

At our workshop ✓

The Works Interior Detail is our full monty, the bee's knees and the highest level of interior detail offered in Canterbury. When you book in for The Works Interior Detail we deep clean your interior to achieve as close to as 'as-new' level as we can by shampooing all surfaces, sanitising with both cleaning process and ozone - and paying more attention to the nooks and crannies.

Ute 1-Row: $549 | Ute 2-Row: $649
Car 1-Row: $649 | Car 2-Row: $749 | Car 3-Row: $849

Interior & Exterior |


Exterior Only | 


- Full Interior Vacuum
- Boars Brush Interior Detail
- Plastic Clean & Sanitise
- Plastic Dress
- Glass Clean
- Seat Clean/Shampoo Fabric or Leather
- Carpet Shampoo
- Floor Mat Shampoo
- Roof Lining Clean
- Boot Vacuum
- Boot Shampoo (where applicable)
- Ozone Treatment

Seat removal available additional. Cabin filter replacement available additional.

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