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Looking to sell your vehicle?

Clean, presentable; and free from defects - The Detailing Specialists can offer it all. We get a lot of enquiries for clients looking to sell their vehicles; and so we've put below our top offers and tips below; alongside our new sale photography option as well.

Best Detailing Packages 1) Maintenance Detail; From $260 Our maintenance detail includes a thorough interior and exterior clean for cars already in good condition and without high levels of wear. We perform a thorough exterior clean consisting of a full wash down, wheel clean and wax to protect and enhance the paintwork. We clean our the door jambs, perform a full interior vacuum and deep clean the doorcards, dashboard and console (amongst more things). Nb. Vehicles with excessive dirt, pet hair or mud will incur a surcharge. See full inclusions list here:

2) Decontamination Detail: From $420 Adding on to our maintenance detail above is our decontamination detail. With this package we perform a clay bar process to the paintwork; aiming to remove tar, tree sap and other contaminants. We then apply a stronger wax to the paint and also clean the engine bay as well! This is more thorough for selling vehicles that are a little more weathered but includes the same level of interior clean. Nb. Vehicles with excessive dirt, pet hair or mud will incur a surcharge. See full inclusions list here:

Additional Services To Consider

  • If choosing a maintenance detail; why not add on an engine bay? For $99 we will clean and present your engine bay for the discerning buyer.

  • Dirty interior? Shampooing the seats or deep cleaning the leather might not be a bad idea. For $199 we'll perform a 2-row deep clean of fabric or leather seats.

  • Stone chips getting you down? From $179 we can touch those up!

Did You Know We Can Also

Arrange paintless dent removal, wheel repairs and trim repairs too. Rather than driving all over town let us take care of the lot and make it easy!

Sale Photography Set

One of our most popular add-ons for clients selling their vehicles is our sale photography set. Now... for full transparency; we're not 100% professional photographers - but for $49 we can provide you a photoset of 10-20 photos ready for sale. We have a few examples of the photos we've done for sale below... scroll on the gallery to see more of cars, SUVs and even a jetski!

Tips For Selling

TradeMe is best for higher value vehicles. Facebook Marketplace can be good for lower value vehicles.

 Always write thorough descriptions with as much information about the vehicle and any service history as possible.  Not sure what it's worth? Use the TradeMe valuation tool:  Always get a proper detail first!

Book your car today for sale detailing and photography Call Us: 0800 933 382 Email Us:


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